ICSP: What is it?

What is an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP)?

sunflowerAn ICSP is a long term plan developed in consultation with community members, which  provides direction for a community to realize the sustainability objectives it has for the economic, environmental, socio-cultural, and community alignment/partnering dimension of its identity.  It acts as a guiding document that facilitates more effective planning and management of the Village's assets and resources, and accelerates the shift in local planning and decision making toward a more long-term, consistent and participatory approach to ensure the Village's continual survival and increase prosperity.  An ICSP would help the Village of Dunnottar move towards a sustainable future in all facets of municipal operations.

Dunnottar's ICSP is really a sustainability process that is feasible for Dunnottar, and incorporates the economic, environmental, socio-cultural and community alignment/partnering dimensions of Dunnottar's identity.  The four pillars outlined below are the basis of the sustainability process.  This process will create a new culture through the establishment of four pillars, which will:

  • Require an economic strategy that utilizes the talents, knowledge and energy of Dunnottar's people, along with its rich natural resources and heritage to set down strong roots that can thrive in good times and tough times.  This begins with the seeds of green jobs, green technology, and sustainability practices.
  • Require an environmental plan that repositions and harmonizes Dunnottar's natural environment as vital assets that take care of the people of Dunnottar, as long as the Village takes care of them.
  • Require a cultural focus that provides a new lens through which to envision Dunnottar -- an eclectic community whose mix of full-time and part-time residents provides the potential for a strong identity and increased capacity for both self-sufficiency and collaborative endeavours.

It is important for a municipality to see the benefits of a strong sustainability foundation, like a house in which there are four sturdy pillars.  In order for Dunnottar to get its "house" in order, the Village must achieve municipal corporate social responsibility.  By utilizing the four pillars, Dunnottar has developed four primary goal areas:

  1. To achieve Economic Vitality and Untapped Potential
  2. To re-culture Dunnottar and move from Compliance to Environmental Leadership
  3. To establish a strong identity found on Sense of Place, and
  4. Provide clear, strategic and Inspirational Direction for all stakeholders in mobilizing an exciting and fiscally responsible future for Dunnottar.

Sustainability Public Presentation-June 4 June 25 2016


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