Volunteering Opportunities & Working Groups


holding-handsThe Village is going to need your valuable input!

We will be reaching out to our residents, businesses and stakeholders to find out what they think should be included in the Village's long-term sustainability plan.  This will be through an innovative and engaging process that is both interactive and will produce immediate results.

The genuine and authentic input from residents and community members that will participate in the community design process will create renewed investment and a new sense of identity for the Village.

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Working Groups

Four working groups, representing the four pillars of sustainability, will be formed.  Composition of each working group will be citizens, stakeholders and Committee members and will not exceed 20 members per group.  Each working group will have specific areas of interest they will consider.  The four working groups will be:

Environmental:  Land-use Planning; Natural Areas and Stewardship; Transportation; Energy, Air Quality and Climate Change; Water; Waste.

Economic:  Village Vitality & Prosperity; Agriculture; Local Economy; Tourism Advancement and Promotion.

Socio-Cultural:  Sense of Community; Connection to the Land; Heritage; The Arts; Health, Safety & Wellness; Research, Partnerships & Innovation.

Community alignment/partnering:  Managing Growth; Financial Sustainability; Annual Budget & Business Plan.

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